Almost everything you might want to know about Broadway Rewards is right here in our FAQs, but if you can’t find your question answered below please call Centre Management Reception on: +44 (0)208 221 7596

Who can register for Broadway Rewards?
Everyone over the age of 14 can register – including retail staff and those working for The Bradford Broadway. You’ll begin on our Starter Rewards membership and be able to benefit from offers and discounts straightaway.

How do I register my Broadway Rewards plastic card?
Plastic cards are available from The Broadway Customer Services Desk. To register, simply click on the Sign up/ Login button located at the top right hand side of this website and you’ll be asked to enter your contact details and Broadway Rewards card sixteen digit number which is located on the back of your card.

How do I upgrade to Premium Rewards?
Simply collect 10 reward points within 12 months. You’ll be automatically upgraded after earning your 10th Reward Point.

How do I collect Reward Points?
Once registered, show participating stores your plastic Rewards Card or your unique Rewards App barcode displayed on your smart phone at the checkout tills when you spend £10 or more, and your points will be added to your account. You can collect one point per day at each participating store.

How will I know when I’ve been upgraded to Premium Rewards?
After collecting your 10th Reward Point you’ll automatically be upgraded to Premium Rewards. You’ll be notified within the Rewards App, or by email if you’re using a Rewards Card and have registered online.

How do I know what offers I can get?
You can see all your offers on our offers page on this site or within your Rewards App. And we’ll email you when new offers are made available.

How often do the offers change?
Offers change, and new offers are added, all the time – so look out for our emails and in-app messages.

I have a Premium Rewards account – can I still use Starter Rewards.
Yes. As a Premium Rewards account holder you can choose any of our offers – including those available to Starter members.

I have a Premium Rewards account now – but will I always get Premium Rewards offers?
Once you have earned Premium Rewards you’ll enjoy the benefits for 12 months after you first qualify. If you earn 10 more Reward Points within this time, you’ll enjoy another year of Premium Rewards. If you don’t earn 10 points within these 12 months, you’ll move back to Starter Rewards.
Please see Terms & Conditions (insert link to Rewards T&C’s) for more information.

How do I know how many Reward Points I have?
You can see your Reward Points in the Rewards App – or card holders can register to receive regular points updates by email.

Will the app work on my phone?
The app works on most smartphones – you’ll need at least Android 4.0 or iOS7.

Can I still take part if I don’t have a smartphone – or mine isn’t compatible with the app
Yes. Simply sign up for a physical Rewards Card which are available from the Customer Service Desk and register this online.

Can I move from a Rewards Card to the app?
Yes – your points will be transferred automatically – simply input your card details when you register set up your Rewards App.

Will my data be safe?
Yes. We are committed to protecting the privacy of members and will store your data in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998. When you register we’ll ask for your name, email address, telephone number, age and interests.
Please see Ts&Cs (insert The Broadway general T & C’s) for more information.

What happens if I lose my Rewards Card?
Please contact us +44 (0)208 221 7596 and we’ll cancel your card.
There are a limited number of physical Rewards Cards so we may not always be able to give you a replacement. If this is the case, please download the Rewards App – you’ll be able to transfer your points over using the details we sent you in your welcome email.
We are not responsible for any unauthorised use of your Rewards Card while it is lost or stolen – so please report it immediately.

What if I lose or change my phone?
Simply download the Rewards App again onto your new device and log in with your original details. All your points and offers will be waiting for you. If you’ve forgotten your login details, simply sign up again with the email address you used first time and we’ll email you a new login PIN.

I forgot, or was unable, to show my phone/card at the till – can I claim my Reward Point later?
Sorry. Reward Points can only be claimed at the time of purchase – if there is a fault with the stores scanner, please ask to use an alternative till scanner.

I spent £100 in one retailer – do I get 10 points?
No. Sorry. Points are restricted to one per retailer, per day – regardless of how much you spent.

I spent at least £10 in one store, twice on the same day – do I get 2 points?
No. You can only earn one point in each store per day.

How can I cancel Broadway Rewards?
We’re sorry you’re leaving but there’s no need to get in touch. Simply delete the Rewards App from your phone, dispose of your Rewards card and unsubscribe from our emails.

Why aren’t I receiving Broadway Rewards emails?
Our emails may be going into your spam/junk folder and/or please check that you have entered your email contact details online or within your Rewards App.