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    Customer Services

    The Customer Services desk in located opposite M&S.

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    Kiddy Cars

    Kiddy Cars can be hired from the Customer Services desk located opposite M&S.  Simply fill out a hire agreement and the Kiddy Car is yours for the hours you choose to stay.  Kiddy Cars cost £3/1hr or £5/2hrs for single cars, £5/1hr or £8/2hrs for double cars and the cost is taken out of your £10 refundable deposit at the end of the hire.  Please note that there is a height restriction and all children need to be below 95cm.  Further details on our terms and conditions are available from the Customer Services Desk.

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    Centre Management

    The Centre Management suite is on Level 3 via lifts or stairs. To locate this, simply go to Charles Street outside the centre, and buzz through a door entrance situated between Sainsbury’s and Zizzi’s.

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    Amazon Locker

    Instead of delivering a parcel to your home or business address, you can select an Amazon Locker location and pickup your parcel at a time that's convenient for you.

    A customer orders a parcel from Amazon and has it delivered to a Locker location. Amazon's preferred carriers deliver the packages into the kiosk, at which point the customer receives a digital pick-up code via email or text messaging. Once the unique pick-up code is input on the touch screen, the assigned door opens for package retrieval. Amazon customers have three days to collect their packages once they receive their pick-up code.

    Amazon customers can also return packages to select Amazon Lockers. Amazon lockers can sometimes be full and therefore not available when a delivery is attempted. In that case customers will have to wait an unspecified amount of time until a locker is made available.

  • postoffice.png

    Post Office

    The new branch will operate from a newly built dedicated open plan Post Office area located to the rear of the WHSmith store and services will include:

    MORTGAGES with an in branch mortgage advisor (Speak to a Mortgage advisor in Branch available by appointment only)





    TRAVEL: currency, travel Money Cards, travel insurance

    GOVERNMENT SERVICES: Passport Check and Send, Driving License Renewal and S.I.A

  • malltrain.png

    Mall Train

    The authentic-looking steam locomotive has launched taking passengers around the shopping Centre.

    The battery powered carriages reach gentle speeds of up to five miles an hour and a dedicated driver can entertain up to 18 passengers at a time.

    The train departs throughout the day outside Boots – so climb aboard, it's just about to set off!